The Art of a Rolling Start

It’s one of the most exciting, tension-filled moments of a race: the rolling start.  Recently, Winding Road guest contributor, SCCA Spec Racer Ford pilot James Chartres, shared some thoughts in a piece titled Speed Secrets: Tips for Great Rolling Starts.  In the article, Chartres points out that rolling starts are a key component of most amateur and professional racing, even the Indianapolis 500.

“There is more to a start than just watching the green flag fly and stomping on the go pedal,” Chartres writes. “The race craft during and after the start are just as important.

"For race starts, you need to be a task manager, using all of your senses to your benefit,” Chartres goes on to explain.  “While the best way to get a great start can be having a buddy on the radio to let you know when the green flag flies, most amateur racers don't have this luxury.”

Take moment and read some of the other thoughts Chartres shares on the matter of rolling starts at the Winding Road article.  Perhaps there are one or two things in the piece that you didn’t know or forgot about, and the off season is a great time to think about race craft before the competition months roll around.

Photo Credit: Jay Bonvouloir