[caption id="attachment_261" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Photo: Perry Bennett"][/caption] The first round of Tire Rack SCCA Divisional event dates have been released.  The following events are Single Event Divisional Championships: * · NEDIV: July 30-31, Seneca, NY * · SEDIV: July 30-31, Moultrie, GA (near Cecil). GLDIV: August 6-7, Peru, IN * · CENDIV: July 16-17, Milwaukee, WI * · SOPAC: June 25-26, El Toro, CA * · GLDIV: AUG 6-7 Peru, IN Additionally, MIDIV and SWDIV have announce the following dates for their Divisional Championship Series: MIDIV Championship Dates: May 14-15           Crowder College hosted by Ozark Mountain Region July 3-4               Family Arena hosted by St. Louis Region July 16-17           Heartland Park Topeka hosted by Kansas Region August 6-7         Metropolitan Community College Performance Driving Center hosted by Kansas City Region SWDIV Championship Dates: May 14-15 TMS Buslot Ft Worth Texas region June 18-19 Retama Park San Antonio SASCA/Alamo region July 16-17 TAMU Riverside Annex College Station Houston region Currently, information is not available for RMDIV and NORPAC events.