VIDEO: Andrew Carbonell On The Rain At Sebring

Friday at Sebring for the Southeast Conference Majors Tour event carried some of the strangest weather we’ll see all year – well, it’s strange if you don’t know Florida, and if you ignore the effects of El Nino.

Friday morning saw more than an inch and a half of rain during practice – enough to pull the flagging and communications workers in and shorten the schedule in the afternoon.

By qualifying however, the track was dry – if a little green. And over 80 degrees to go with it.

But those are the twists and turns and just one of the quirks of Sebring International Raceway. The track surface changes, the bumps, the rain – it’s what makes Sebring, Sebring.

And the weather won't be good for a picnic or a parade on Sunday (Saturday looks sunny and warm!).

But you know what? Don’t take our word for it. Andrew Carbonell, who qualified third in Spec Miata on Friday with one session to go on Saturday morning, is the real expert. Let him tell you how to deal with all of those challenges, and more.

Click below to watch the video, then click here for live timing, scoring and notes all weekend long!

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