SCCA Launches Tire Rack Divisional Solo Program

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 8, 2008) - Sports Car Club of America is revitalizing its Divisional Solo program with the launch of The Tire Rack® SCCA Divisional Championships and Division Cup Challenge. Currently an optional program for all of SCCA€™s nine Divisions, The Tire Rack® SCCA Divisional Championships have been developed to create a clear ladder to National Solo competition. Participating Divisions will crown class champions in whichever manner they chose, whether it be through a point series or one winner-takes-all event. Beyond the experience and confidence gained by taking part in events at the Divisional level, Soloists competing in the Tire Rack SCCA Divisional Championships will benefit via contingency programs and National Championship eligibility. Divisions enrolled in the new program can expect increased support from the National office in the way of fees and promotional items.Additionally, Divisions will compete against each other in the Tire Rack SCCA Division Cup Challenge at the 2008 Tire Rack Solo National Championships. Each participating Division will earn points based on their total entries, number of rookie drivers and number of trophies earned. The Division accumulating the most points will earn the €œ2008 Tire Rack Division Cup.€€œWe put this package together with the hope of growing the Divisional Solo program,€ SCCA VP of Rally/Solo Program Development Howard Duncan said. €œWe want to give regional Solo participants a fun way to transition to National competition, while providing the Divisions with a package that€™s easy to establish and won€™t put a hole in their budget. This will certainly be a test year for the program, but it has great potential to enhance SCCA Solo as a whole.€Bridgestone has already signed on as a contingency sponsor for the Tire Rack SCCA Divisional Championships. Soloists competing on Bridgestone tires in select classes will be eligible for cash awards if they finish in the top three of their Division€™s Championship standings. Drivers must register for the program before competing and run with the required decals.Currently the Northern Pacific, Southern Pacific, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast Divisions have elected to participate in the Tire Rack SCCA Divisional Championships.For more information on the new Tire Rack SCCA Divisional Championships, including contingency registration forms, and the Tire Rack SCCA Division Cup Challenge, click the orange Solo tab at the top of the page.