From the SEB: 

Follow up to our February communication about SSC tire selection for 2020: In February we wrote to outline our plan for testing the Falken 660 tire before announcing a new spec tire for SSC. See the full message here. Today we write to provide an update. 

The two-day test scheduled for the weekend of March 14-15 has been confirmed and will take place at Fontana in Southern California. We have also added a single-day test on Sunday, March 8th at Crow’s Landing in Northern California. This will allow us to run one set of tires at Crow’s on the 8th and then ship them to Fontana to compare to a new set of new 660s. 

The March 8th test at Crow’s will be on a permanent test course which has previously been used to test tires. The test protocol will be: 

  • 2 or 3 cars/drivers, potentially 2-3 extra control drivers, one set of the new tires and 2-3 sets of 615s... ideally at least one fresh set and one well used.
  • Start with the 615s on each car and make some control runs...this gives opportunity for the drivers to familiarize themselves with the course and make necessary adjustments.
  • Then we mount the 660s to one of the cars for some timed runs.
  • Then we switch the 660s to the next car, more runs, repeat etc.
  • Throughout the test we will monitor tire wear closely in order to preserve adequate tread for testing at Fontana.
  • Testing objectives are to monitor tire wear and performance relative to the 615K's, utilizing varying car set-ups and testing at different tire temperatures.

The March 14th and 15th test at Fontana will involve multiple drivers and cars trading off the used tires from Crow’s, the new set of 660s, and 615s with varying levels of wear. These cars will be running a test and tune on Saturday and an event on Sunday. Times will be compared, and wear noted. 

 As stated in our earlier message, we realize that starting the season without a decision on the new tire is disruptive. We are moving as quickly as possible and are committed to make and communicate our decision about the 2020 SSC tire during the week of March 15th. At that time, we will also announce an official “cutover” date for the new tire that will allow competitors to have sufficient time to receive and mount tires between national events.