Cancellation of Oklahoma National Tour (June 7-9)

The National Solo team has made the difficult decision to cancel the National Tour at the new Burns Flat location. While every effort is made to keep to the posted schedule of events, sometimes participation levels dictate adjustments. We're excited about this site and look forward to working with the Region and the town in 2025. The website and MotorSportReg will be updated to reflect this cancellation and event entry cancellations will follow.


Brunswick Events to Continue, Tour Schedule Revisions Expected

The Brunswick ProSolo (June 7-9) and National Tour (June 14-16) weekends remain on the schedule. The team expects to introduce a revised event schedule for the Brunswick National Tour that would include Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and Sunday AM runs. More details to follow on this schedule change as they become available. Registration is still open for these events: ProSolo     National Tour