Oscoda ProSolo Relocates to Grissom

As previously mentioned, the Oscoda Airport is no longer able to support Solo events at their facility and the ProSolo event there had to be removed from the calendar. However, it is now back and has been relocated to Grissom Air Reserve Base. Join the National Solo Staff and the Saginaw Valley Region on the original weekend, August 4-6, for some ProSolo action in Peru!

Many thanks are owed to Saginaw Valley Region for remaining committed to hosting an event and being agile while navigating the loss of a site, the Hoosier Challenge regions (Indianapolis, Indiana Northwest, Columbus Sports Car Club, South Bend, and Fort Wayne) for also being super agile and moving the Hoosier Challenge to a TBD weekend in order to open up the site for ProSolo, and Grissom for continuing to be an available site for schedule changes.

What's a Hoosier Challenge? An annual traveling trophy challenge between the above-mentioned regions, where the host region changes each year. When the loss of Oscoda was announced, the regions met at Great Lakes Division Spring Training and agreed to move off of their already scheduled date in order to allow the ProSolo season to continue with a full slate of events. Consider keeping an ear out for the new date and joining in on the Challenge!

Ladies Class Bump Order Corrected in ProSolo Rules

The ladies class bump order has been corrected in the 2023 ProSolo rules. With the re-addition of L4, the L4 to L3 bump was put in the wrong order. This has been corrected. The corrected bump order is L4 to L3, L2 to L3, L3 to L1, and L1 to L3, and can be found in Section 20.8.C.3 of the ProSolo Rules download by clicking here