For 2022 the Road Rally Board (RRB) has approved six changes to the Road Rally Rules (RRRs).

There are several overriding themes to these changes. Part of the RRB's stated mission is to promote more events in more regions and take steps to increase the number of entries in those events. Several of the following changes attempt to address those goals. Another theme is eliminating the need to request sanction exceptions for procedures that have become commonplace and eliminating some committee tasks seen as unnecessary. Hopefully, these types of changes will make life a bit easier for organizing committees. The changes are listed below. For a download of the changes and the rationale behind them, visit the RoadRally Rules & Documents page or click here.


  1. Probably the most important change is the addition of a fourth Competition Class, Class G, which allows any APP with mileage derived from a GPS source. The Limited Class (L) will now be limited to calculation devices requiring manual mileage entry.


  1. It had been proposed that wheel-driven mileage be required for measurement purposes on National and Divisional rallies. Several Regions responded that if that proposal were adopted, they would be unable to put on National and Divisional events. Rather than risk losing some events, the RRB did not adopt that proposal but instead added wording that if a GPS odometer drive was used for measurement, the Committee must include that information in the General Instructions and the event's promotional materials.


  1. The requirement for Organizing Committees to include a set of General Instructions in the registration packet was eliminated, although the wording was added that sets of General Instructions must be available at registration if needed.


  1. The requirement that Route Instructions be handed out 30 minutes in advance of departure was changed to be at least 30 minutes.


  1. Current wording was that when multiple events were conducted concurrently, a contestant could only enter one for championship points. The wording "for championship points" was removed, and thus a contestant may now only enter one event even if non-declaring another event.


  1. Wording was added to the description of landmark identification, including an example that the sign "Iron Bridge Tavern" identifies a tavern, not a bridge. The additional wording also requires that if a Committee wishes to apply identifying signs otherwise, such as permitting partial identification, that must be included in a section in the General Instructions describing landmark identification (similar to road identification requirements).