By now, we are all aware that there were challenges faced at the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA Charlotte ProSolo (read here). The post-event analysis of what happened and why has revealed problem areas beyond the tree malfunction that need to be addressed before we can continue holding ProSolo events.


Tonight on a Zoom Town Hall Meeting hosted by Mike Cobb, SCCA President, and Heyward Wagner, Senior Director of Experiential/Rally/Solo, the following was presented and discussed:


  • The 2021 ProSolo Season is being suspended to allow the team to take a deep dive into the challenges facing the program.
  • Our pledge to the membership is to work toward right, not just better.
  • The suspension does not currently have a set timeline. We are committed to returning the product when it is ready, tested and proven.
  • These challenges are not limited to timing hardware and/or software but also include communications, PA/FM broadcast and procedures.
  • SCCA always aims to hold events that deliver the experience our members want and deserve.
  • A program with "pro" in the name should not regularly use our participants as test subjects to determine the performance and reliability of hardware and software.
  • Members who competed at the 2021 Tire Rack SCCA Charlotte ProSolo will receive a full refund of their entry fee. The event will be paying Contingency as well as Challenge payouts based on qualifying.
  • All 2021 ProSolo SuperPass holders will also receive a full refund.
  • Fontana and New Jersey ProSolo events are being converted to Champ Tour events. Those already registered for the Fontana ProSolo will receive a refund, and a new event registration for the Champ Tour will open shortly. The New Jersey Champ Tour will open registration on Wednesday, March 31 at 3 pm CDT.
  • The Topeka ProSolo event will be cancelled. Depending on the status of ongoing analysis, the location may be used as a true test of the ProSolo system.
  • The remaining events on the schedule will be discussed and decided in the coming weeks: Packwood, Toledo, Oscoda, and the Finale. The “double” events of Lincoln, and Bristol have question marks on what to do for the extra days, but there is some early consideration of these events becoming Match Tour events. No decision has been reached as of now.
  • Members can expect updates throughout this process and Town Halls when major developments or decision points arise.