In an effort to better distribute the contingency tire allotment within the Spec Miata class, SCCA (in collaboration with the Spec Miata Advisory Committee) and Hoosier Racing Tire have made several adjustments to the program for 2021 with a goal of recognizing both achievement and continued commitment to the class and SCCA. The program will still pay out the same number of total tires over the year, but is now designed to pay deeper and provide contingency opportunities for drivers that may not typically place in contingency payout positions.

For Hoosier Super Tours, a race win now awards two tires, with one tire going to finishing positions two-through-eight. Additionally, three tires will be drawn per race for those finishing outside of the top eight (contingency-paying) positions. All six random draws for the weekend will be revealed after the Sunday race in victory circle.

The remaining non-Hoosier Super Tour, Conference Majors events have expanded the payout through fifth place, with the race winner earning two tires, and second-through-fifth earning one tire per race.

Drivers finishing in the top three in each Majors Conference points championship will earn tires, with the Conference Champion earning two additional tires, and second and third earning one bonus tire. That payout doubles for the Hoosier Super Tour points championship, with the winner earning four tires, and second and third place earning two tires each.

New for 2021, the 10 drivers participating in the most Majors races (including Hoosier Super Tours and Conference Majors), without finishing in a contingency award position all year, will each earn two tires, available at the conclusion of the Majors season. Any ties will be broken via the GCR Conference Majors tie-breaking procedures. Eligible drivers will be contacted directly by SCCA with instructions on how to claim their tires.

Announced earlier this month to highlight drivers under 25 years of age, the top SCCA First Gear Mazda Challenge driver in each Conference points championship, as well as the Hoosier Super Tour points championship, will each be awarded four tires for their accomplishment.

Finally, for the National Championship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the National Champion will receive eight tires, with four going to the runner-up, two tires going to third-through-fifth and one tire each for sixth-through-eighth. As has been the case for the last many years, any unclaimed contingency tires prior to the Runoffs will be distributed to drivers entering that event, with priority given to those that enter early.

Full contingency details for all programs are available at