Thank you for signing up to compete at the 14th annual DirtFish SCCA RallyCross National Championship and bearing with us as we had to make a last-minute venue change. This is the second of a few email blasts for RallyCross Nationals competitors about valuable information you should know. Please make sure to take the time each week to read through everything. By doing so you will be well prepared to have a fun event! Let us get started.

COVID-19 Guidelines and Event Supps

As stated in last week's weekly e blast the supps were being worked on to be updated. They have been updated and can be found here. https://www.scca.com/downloads/50770-2020-dirt-fish-scca-rally-cross-national-championship-supplemental-regulations

The biggest update is CV19 compliance. We take the compliance very seriously and because of that the wording for the CV19 compliance in the supps is the following:

“Per state, local and SCCA regulations, masks/face coverings are required during the event for all participants (drivers, staff, and spectators) in the following locations and circumstances:

 • At all times while in the Timing trailer and standing in Grid.
• Whenever six-feet social distancing cannot be maintained in the course area, Paddock, or any gathering of two or more people on the site.
 • A participant who is not able to wear a mask due to a medical condition must wear either a full-face helmet or a face shield in the locations/circumstances listed above:
 • Mask/face coverings are not required for drivers while they are in their vehicles. The event will also provide handwashing/hand sanitizer stations for participants. Covid19 restrictions are subject to change during the event and any changes will be communicated though the official notification process. Participants who do not comply with Covid-19 requirements will receive a warning and repeated non-compliance may result in disqualification from the event and removal from the site.”

Event Shirt Pre-Order

Thanks to Reuben Samuels the event shirt design has been finalized and Shirts101 has them for sale online until next Tuesday at 4 pm central. If you plan to purchase a shirt, please try to do so online rather than on site to help Shirts101. Any orders done online can be picked up at Shirts101 the Saturday and Sunday of the event.  The link for pre-ordering can be found here: https://shirts101.store/scca_rallycross/shop/home

Food Truck

A food truck has been found to come on-site Saturday and Sunday for lunch. They will be there from 10 am to 3 pm. Their menu and prices are here: https://www.scca.com/downloads/51408-vikings-grille-food-truck-menu


The process of how contingency works this year is different than in the past. Please review the contingency process to understand how to submit a claim as it is all electronic now.


Late Fee/ Event Experience

We have decided to waive the late fee. Those who have already signed up with the late fee will see a refund of the difference later today. Online registration will remain open until Tuesday, August 11 at 3 pm central.  Additionally, we are working as hard as we can to make sure the event experience is the best that we can provide given the circumstances of 2020. There may be some differences than in the past, but your experience is our top priority.


Camping in the RX paddock is allowed on site. However, there are no electrical hook-ups available and it must be dry camping. No fires are allowed either.