• 2022 RallyCross® Rules Posted

    The 2022 SCCA® RallyCross® Rules have been posted. You can access a digital download here. The 2022 RallyCross Rules online version is available in Adobe Acrobat format, version 10 or later. You can download the latest...Read more
  • Seeking SCCA Hall of Fame Committee Members

    The SCCA Hall of Fame team is looking for committee members!  If you love motorsports history, particularly that of the SCCA, then serving on one of the SCCA Hall of Fame committees can be one of the most rewarding...Read more
  • RallyCross Safety Steward Training Webinar Scheduled for Nov 17

    A Safety Steward Training Webinar has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 17 at 7:00 pm Central/8:00 pm Eastern. Register today to attend! Open to any SCCA member interested in becoming an RX Safety Steward!  ...Read more
  • Proposed Rules for 2022 Modified Category - Seeking Comments

    Attached for review are the proposed 2022 rules for Modified. Please keep in mind that this is a set of requirements-based rules and not a combination of allowances and requirements as the current rules are written. If you...Read more
  • RallyCross Annual Rules Change Submission deadline coming up soon!

    Just a reminder for the RallyCross community, according to our Annual Rules Change Submission Timeline the deadline is approaching quickly! The RXB has extended the deadline a bit and we ask that rule change requests be...Read more
  • Registration Info for RallyCross Nuclear Challenge

    Registration for the 2021 MKE Region SCCA RallyCross National Tour - "The Nuclear Challenge" In Support of OUR (September 3-5) opens this Friday 7/30 at 5:00pm CST! All driver entries include a free event t-shirt - please...Read more
  • Statement on Counterfeit SFI Labels

    On July 19, 2021, SFI released a statement on counterfeiting activity after identifying a rise in fraudulent activity, particularly untested harnesses and driver suits being sold with counterfeit SFI conformance labels—sold...Read more
  • St. Louis National Tour RXB Statement

    The RXB is aware of the issues at this past weekend's RallyCross National Tour hosted by the St Louis Region. We have received several reports indicating that the event may not have been conducted in a manner consistent with...Read more
  • RXB Recognizes Outgoing members

    The RallyCross Board (RXB) would like to recognize outgoing RXB member Keith Lightfoot, and thank him for his many years of service to the board and the RallyCross program. Keith joined the RXB about 6 years ago and has been...Read more
  • Online RX Safety Steward Training Available December 15

    Mark Macoubrie from the RXB will be hosting an online webinar for anyone interested in becoming a licensed RallyCross Safety Steward (RXSS). This webinar will be available on Tuesday, December 15 from 7:30 pm until 9 pm...Read more
  • Constructors Class Rules Rewrite

    The RallyCross Board (RXB) has rewritten the Constructors class rules and are seeking feedback from the members. Please download the current proposal for rewrite of the category here -...Read more
  • RXB Seeks Annual Awards Nominations

    The RXB is seeking nominations for the annual RallyCross awards. Please submit your nominations for the Dirty Cup, Spark Plug, Regional RallyCross Achievement, and Divisional RallyCross Achievement to rxb@scca.com no later...Read more
  • RXB Town Hall Moved to Zoom

    The RallyCross Board (RXB) town hall scheduled for tonight (October 28, 2020) at 8 pm central is being moved to Zoom. Please see the information below to log in at 8 pm central. All participants will be muted upon entry to...Read more
  • RallyCross Board Town Hall

    The RallyCross Board (RXB) will be hosting a town hall webinar on October 28, 2020 at 8 pm central. The RXB will review the 2020 National season, UTVs, plans for 2021 as well as answer questions. To register for the town hall...Read more
  • Voting for 2021 RallyCross Rules Now Open

    The rules proposals for 2021 have been received and a survey has been created to get member input on their feelings towards each rule change proposal for 2021. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey with your...Read more