Thank you for signing up to compete at the 14th annual DirtFish SCCA RallyCross National Championship and bearing with us as we had to make a last-minute venue change. This is the first of a few email blasts for RallyCross Nationals competitors about valuable information you should know. Please make sure to take the time each week to read through everything. By doing so you will be well prepared to have a fun event! Let us get started.


COVID-19 Guidelines and Competitor Information

A link to the guidelines we will be following for the event are on the event page. It can also be directly downloaded here -

There will be 3 handwash stations around the site along with a couple of tables with spray bottles of sanitizer, masks, and nitrile gloves available.

We are working on updating the event supplemental regulations so please look for an updated (will be indicated with a date next to its link). We will be putting regulations regarding mask-wearing and social distancing for this event.

Tech Form and Class Disclosure Forms

On the RX Nationals event page is the tech form mentioned in the CV19 guidelines. Additionally, there are disclosure forms for each category.

While we will have some of these printed out and available on-site we would prefer if everyone would print the appropriate forms and bring to the site with you to avoid contact.



As mentioned in the CV19 guidelines we will have the SpeedWaiver process available for this event. If you have an annual waiver then nothing else is needed since that is accepted as well. If you do not have an annual or a smartphone you will need to sign the on-site waiver still. However, if you have a smartphone then please following these instructions:

  1. Follow the link labeled “Mobile Speed Waiver” on the appropriate event page on (RX Nationals Mobile Speed Waiver link -
  2. Fill in your
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Mobile Phone Number
    4. Check to confirm you are an adult of legal age
    5. Click on “Get My Waiver”
  3. An Invitation is texted to the mobile phone number provided. Click on the link provided in the text.
  4. Check the box to consent to using an electronic signature, then click next
  5. A message will come up asking if you would like to have access to your camera. Click on allow. A photo is required to fill out a SpeedWaiver.
  6. Take your photo and click next
  7. Read the waiver information and at the bottom of the page sign your name. Click next
  8. You will receive another text with a link to click on and show the gate worker when you arrive at the event.

Fuel options in Topeka

The city of Topeka does not sell 93 octanes at any pumps. 91 is the highest non-race gas option available. There are a couple of pumps around that have 100 and 102 I believe. Also, we have not paid for access to the racetrack portion of Heartland Motorsports Park so their pumps will not be available to use. If you are coming through Kansas City to get to Topeka there are a few pumps with 93 if that is the fuel required for your car.