The RallyCross Board (RXB) is pleased to announce a new SCCA RallyCross class: UTV. Mass-produced UTVs and side-by-side vehicles will now be able to compete in RallyCross events, subject to preparation requirements. Initially, the new class will be a Regional-only class and each Region will have the option to allow UTVs at local events. The new “Class U” joins the current lineup of SCCA RallyCross categories: Stock, Prepared, Modified, and Constructors.

Competitors and event organizers are advised that most stock UTVs will not meet these rules without minor modifications. To help minimize the risk of rollovers, these new rules include several preparation requirements geared toward vehicle stability and driver protection. The complete rules can be found here

Regional programs may begin allowing eligible UTVs to participate in RallyCross events effective immediately. The RXB will monitor UTV entry and performance data to ensure safety and to assess whether the class might be elevated to a National-level category. The RXB anticipates that the earliest the class may be eligible for National status would be January 2022.


Kent Hamilton

RXB Chairman