Terry Ozment has worked to make the Sports Car Club® of America better through leadership roles at the Regional, Divisional, National, and professional levels.

Ozment joined the Land O’ Lakes Region in 1980 and over the years served in Flagging & Communications, Registration, Race Chairman, Timing & Scoring, as a Steward, and the CenDiv Scheduling representative. She served there as Treasurer and on the National Convention Committee.

A short time later, she moved to the Chicago area and transferred her membership to the Chicago Region, but her work didn’t slow down. She spent two years there as the Regional Executive, and her overall knowledge of the Club, especially the road racing department, led to her appointment as the National Office’s head of Club Racing.

During her time at the National office, where she grew to become the Vice President of Club Racing, Ozment took her knowledge of Region activities and provided a model for other Regions to follow.

She created position descriptions for volunteers and workers and secured a grant to fund training and track safety reviews. She led the process to streamline event sanctioning, insurance, program board support, and event staffing.

While at the helm, the National Office began a new customer service initiative to encourage a more member-friendly attitude across events. She managed the National Championship Runoffs® efforts at five different racetracks, coordinating the effort to move from a static event to a rotational model.

She saw the rollout of the U.S. Majors Tour as the program began to highlight premier events across the country, and streamlined the competition license program including the launch of the Alternate Drivers’ School.

Ozment was awarded the John McGill Award to a standing ovation at the 2016 National Convention for significant contributions to the Club Racing Program.

As both a volunteer and a staff member, Ozment’s first question when addressing an issue for a member was “What is the right thing to do?” In this case, the right thing to do is bestow her with this honor.

Terry Ozment was inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame in 2024.