For the many years that the SCCA Runoffs called Road Atlanta its home, the second most harrowing experience was coming out from under the bridge at full speed and launching down the hill. That was the second most harrowing experience. The most harrowing experience was having to go in front of the Chief Steward. Some guys thought they might have it easy, because they’d heard that the Chief Steward was a woman. Boy, were they in for a surprise! Sue Roethel is one of only two members who have earned three of the top awards in SCCA. The Barnato, the Morrell, and McGill Awards. She served as a regional leader, then a divisional leader, as SCCA Runoffs Chief Steward, and finally as a National Office staff member in the Member and Regional Relations Department. Her love of the sport has always endeared her to the membership and she remains active in the Club Racing program still…..Sue Roethel was present to accept her award.