Costa and Wilma Dunias have been active members of the Sports Car Club of America since 1967, as leaders and participants.

This dynamic duo moved from their Texas home to Colorado when Costa took the position of Senior Vice President at the SCCA, where he oversaw various programs and departments. It was in this role that Costa became a face for SCCA across the country, willing to help with any problem.

Costa was instrumental in establishing the race steward training program for new participants, wrote the Executive Steward’s Manual, and advised on the Stewards in Training Manual. He was directly responsible for the establishment of Sports Renault, which carries on to this day in the form of the third generation of Spec Racer Ford.

At the Runoffs, Costa has been a driver, a Race Director, Assistant Race Director, and SOM Chair, just to name a few. He was the first Hoosier Super Tour Race Director and has been the Chair of the National Stewards Program.

Wilma has served a variety of road racing roles, including a very challenging stint serving as gatekeeper for drivers who wish to meet with the Race Director at the Runoffs. In that role, she served as a good listener, a calming influence, and an information gatherer prior to the meeting.

Though many know the Dunias duo as road racers, the pair were the Event Chairs for the 1977 Solo National Championships, with Wilma holding that position again in 1979.

Over the years, Costa, with Wilma by his side, has been awarded the Woolf Award, the David Morrell Award, and the John McGill Award.

Most importantly, both have been an advocate for the SCCA through their words, their actions, and their willingness to help members and outsiders alike.

Costa and Wilma Dunias were inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame in 2023.