While Art Trier has always been active as a Solo driver, he is best remembered for his contributions to the preservation of the sport. That is, the control of the safety aspects of Solo, that took us from wide-open events on racing circuits, to the controlled, safety conscious events we have today. As Chairman of the Solo Events Board in the early 1980s, Art Trier provided the leadership the Board needed as it set about strongly enforcing the rules. He was instrumental in codifying many of the procedures that the program has today. After his term on the Solo Events Board, he became for 14 years the chairman of the Solo Safety Committee. Under his guidance it provided the firm hand necessary to implement sound safety rules for both Solo I and II. He wrote many of the safety parameters that are still used to this day. He is still an active SCCA member serving on the Modified Advisory Committee to the Solo Events Board and as a regular competitor in the Solo Program.  Mr. Art Trier was present to accept his award.