The Runoffs is quickly approaching and in two weeks we’ll be loading in to VIR!  Here is this week’s news you should know!  Have a great weekend.

Party People!

We have a couple of fun nights planned for you this year. 

Kick-Off Party at the Gallery with the C.C. Coates Band

Everyone is invited to join us in The Gallery at VIR Monday, September 26 to kick off a great week of friends, fun and racing!  Come by for dinner and drinks and listen to some live music, courtesy of the C.C. Coates Band.

3rd Annual Charity Golf Cart Parade

This will mark the 3rd annual charity golf cart parade on Wednesday, September 28 and lead into another favorite, the SCCA Block Party. This year, proceeds from the Golf Cart Parade will benefit Lemons of Love, an organization with deep motorsports ties that provides care packages to people affected by cancer.  The parade will step-off from grid at approximately 6:15 pm.  We will make a pass by victory circle where our expert cart announcers will make the parade call.  We will then make our way around the paddock ending up at a block party stop.  So, it’s time to start planning, get out those arts and crafts supplies and let those creative juices flow!  Your goal is to raise money for your cart.  Drivers, workers, crews, friends and family will “vote” with their dollars and the cart that raises the most money will be crowned the 2022 Golf Cart National Champion and win a major award!  Teams can register early online at  Once you arrive at the track, swing by the SCCA Staff Office on the 2nd floor of the Pagoda to pick up your cart number.

Block Party

The Block Party returns on Wednesday, September 28!   It’s the opportunity to chill amongst race cars with hundreds of your closest SCCA friends. Not being “official,” start times will vary, but these parties are likely to kick off shortly after Wednesday’s final checkered flag. Who’s throwing the parties? We’re estimating five to 10 parties spread across the Runoffs paddock, with separate gatherings hosted by Hagerty, SCCA Women on Track, New England Region, the Prod racers and more!

The best part of the Runoffs Block Party is there’s no obligation to stay put – cruise the paddock and chat with drivers, teams, workers and fans. From party-to-party, you’ll meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Want to bring the Block Party to your paddock or camping area? If your Wednesday evening party is open to all participants, SCCA will put your party on the Block Party map – literally. Email Heyward Wagner at to find out not only how your party can join this epic paddock-sized Wednesday night party, but how SCCA will assist you in making it happen.

Sign Up for Mobile Alerts

We still don’t have many signed up to receive texts during the event.  Make sure you do this, so you don’t miss any updates! This will be our primary communication method throughout the event, so don’t miss a message and sign up today! This is a new provider for 2022, so if you were signed up in 2021 or earlier, you’ll need to sign up again. Choose a keyword group(s) from the list below and send {Keyword} i.e.Text “Worker” or “FormulaA” to 833-345-2423.

To receive general event information messages, text RUNOFFS to 833-345-2423.

Keyword Groups:

  • Worker
  • ASedan
  • Bspec
  • EProd
  • F500
  • FormulaA
  • FormulaC
  • FE2
  • FormulaF
  • FProd
  • FormulaV
  • FormulaX
  • GT1
  • GT2
  • GT3
  • GTL
  • HProd
  • Protoype1
  • Protoype2
  • SpecMiata
  • SRF3
  • STL
  • STU
  • Touring1
  • Touring2
  • Touring3
  • Touring4

Link to Instructions:


If you or a fellow worker does not have a SCCA Annual Waiver on file, please fill out this Speedwaiver.  Feel free to share with other workers that need to complete the event waiver.

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Have a great weekend!
The Runoffs Team