It’s the First Friday of Runoffs, which means we can all finally get into the paddock and prepare for the best time of the year! The heat and humidity from earlier this week has vacated the area, with crisp, refreshing air greeting us as the Runoffs officially opens.

Registration, Paddock and Tech Flow

We have a pretty good process for load-in at the Runoffs, but as we all know, sometimes we can hit snags. Please be patient and know that everyone is trying to make this as smooth as possible to get you in and enjoying the event.

  • Staging: Signs will direct you to the staging lot on Raceplex Drive near Registration when you arrive.
  • Registration: is at the Quantum Speed Works building. Teams pre-registered as a prep shop may come through starting at 9 am. Anyone may come to Registration at noon. Our registration team will provide your credential (wristband) for the duration of the event, as well as a pink parking card (for those with a paddock space assignment), camping vehicle sticker (for those that requested one) and a personal vehicle sticker (red – one per driver).
  • Vehicle passes: There are three color vehicle passes.
    • Red: One per entry. This grants paddock access (Grass, Skidpad, Main paddock). You may park in your paddock space with one of these stickers, but if it doesn’t fit, the vehicle will need to move to the grass in one of the designated parking areas
    • Green: Infield parking. This gets you over the bridge, but not into the main paved paddock (past the roundabout). Teams needing additional Green Infield passes, may request them at Registration.
    • Blue: Official parking. These are for officials, with access into the main paved paddock, but limited parking (denoted by “Official Parking” signs)
  • Parking: Once through the gate, paddock marshals will meet you at the first checkpoint across from the VIR Administration building (prior to crossing the bridge). They will then direct you across the bridge to one of the other parking check points. There, you will present your pink paddock assignment card and be directed to your space. If you can’t maneuver your trailer into your space with your tow vehicle, a forklift and driver is available upon request.

    When setting up your paddock, please be mindful of the fire lanes and parking in other spaces. Virtually every space in paved areas is reserved. Putting something in another space, even temporarily, could delay your neighbor’s ability to get parked and set up. Let’s work together on this to create a smooth process!
  • Tech: Each entry must make a visit to tech with, at minimum the vehicle logbook. If you have any unresolved logbook notations or need an annual, the car must be presented. Event decals will be printed at tech, and if testing, each driver must present at tech to receive a wristband.

Driver’s Meeting Letter Addendum

On Tuesday, an Addendum to the written driver’s meeting was posted to clarify a couple of points. It’s been added to the end of the original document. Please check it out here:

 Travel Alert!

If you’re coming to VIR from I-77, the most direct route that map programs want to take you (across US-58 between I-77 and Danville) is not considered “race trailer friendly.” Consulting with the track and several locals, we recommend going down to Winston-Salem, then east to Greensboro, NC and then up US-29 to Danville. It adds just under 40 miles, but maps out to being less than 20 minutes longer, and keeps you on major highways, devoid of cliffs and steep grades.

Also, when approaching the track on NC-57, it is recommended that larger trailers and RVs use Dotmond Road (there is a sign there directing race rigs) rather than Race Track Road, which is just south of Millie’s Pizza in Milton. Race Track Road is narrow and has some tight corners compared to Dotmond. Travel Safe!

Sign Up for Mobile Alerts *NEW SYSTEM*
Sign up to receive text messages during the event!  This will be our primary communication method throughout the event, so don’t miss a message and sign up today! This is a new provider for 2022, so if you were signed up in 2021 or earlier, you’ll need to sign up again. Choose a keyword group(s) from the list below and send {Keyword} i.e.Text “Bspec” or “FormulaA” to 833-345-2423.

To receive general event information messages, text RUNOFFS to 833-345-2423.

Keyword Groups:

  • Worker
  • ASedan
  • Bspec
  • EProd
  • F500
  • FormulaA
  • FormulaC
  • FE2
  • FormulaF
  • FProd
  • FormulaV
  • FormulaX
  • GT1
  • GT2
  • GT3
  • GTL
  • HProd
  • Protoype1
  • Protoype2
  • SpecMiata
  • SRF3
  • STL
  • STU
  • Touring1
  • Touring2
  • Touring3
  • Touring4

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Runoffs Report Archive
An archive of previous Runoffs Reports is available in the Event Page menu under “Event Information” or directly here:

See you soon!
The Runoffs Team