Runoffs Report – September 28 - Evening

Thanks for a great day of qualifying on Sunoco 260 Tuesday.

Paddock Speed

We continue to see race cars, street cars and pit vehicles driving too fast through the paddock.  We have already had a number of accidents in the paddock.  Please note that the supplemental regulations state: Race cars must maintain a safe, reasonable speed in the paddock.  For all other motorized vehicles, the paddock speed limit is 15 mph. Only persons with a driver's license, SCCA Full Competition License or SCCA Pro License may operate a motorized vehicle in the paddock. Skates, Razors, scooters and skateboards are not permitted in the paddock. Please, for everyone’s safety, be careful and keep the speeds down. It’s crowded in the paddock!

Need a Hardship Lap?

Hardship laps may be requested at the Stewards of the Course (SOC) office in the East Accessory building (Room E1) across from Tech.

Want to visit the amazing IMS Museum?

Please keep in mind that it will be closed for a private party Thursday at 1 pm through Saturday. Hours are as follows:

  • Wednesday: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Thursday: 9 am – 1 pm
  • Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

CRB and Program Town Hall Meetings

Category and Program town halls continue on Wednesday These are opportunities for you to have group conversations with organization leaders.

The first session at 9 am is for discussion about the Hoosier Super Tour and the Runoffs. No set agenda here, but an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback about these programs.

Members of the Club Racing Board will hold the following sessions Wednesday:

  • 11:30 am: Formula/Sports Racing
  • 1: 30 pm: GT
  • 2:30 pm: American Sedan


Wednesday Fun Activities

2nd Annual Charity Golf Cart Parade

Back by popular demand, the 2nd annual charity golf cart parade will make its return on Wednesday, September 29 and lead into another favorite, the SCCA Block Party. This year proceeds will benefit Indianapolis’ Riley Children’s Foundation as well as Lemons of Love, an organization that provides care packages to people affected by cancer.  We were blown away with your creativity last year and can’t wait to see you take it up a notch!  The parade will step-off from grid at approximately 6:30 pm.  We will make a pass by victory circle where our expert cart announcers will make the parade call.  We will then make our way around the paddock ending up at a block party stop.  Get out those arts and crafts supplies and let those creative juices flow!  Your goal is to raise money for your cart.  Drivers, workers, crews, friends and family will “vote” with their dollars and the cart that raises the most money will be crowned the 2021 National Golf Cart Champion and win a major award!  Teams can register early online at Once you arrive at the track, swing by the SCCA Staff Office on the Pagoda Plaza to pick up your cart number.


Join us for the Block Party

Kicking off after completion of the last session along the 7th Street corridor and in the South Paved Paddock.

Come out and sample the libations and spreads from the following groups:

  • Hagerty – grass dunes on the west side of Unser Ln (North Grass Paddock area)
  • New England Region, South Jersey Region & Maximum Attack Motorsports – just past the Jumbotron on Unser Ln (North Grass Paddock area)
  • Prod Party – east side of North Grass Paddock area facing 7th Street
  • SCCA – northeast side of Main Paddock area facing 7th Street
  • Grass Paddock Motorsports – third row back from 7th Street in Main Paved (North) paddock
  • eSport at Alliance Autosport – down in South Paved Paddock, east side

Don’t miss out on the eSport at Alliance Autosport stop – in addition to the awesome food and beverages, they have a sim rig set up. Fastest lap wins $500.00!

For the Block Party Stop Map, click here:

Have a great evening!


The Runoffs Team