Runoffs Report – Monday, 9/27, 8:45 pm

Good evening from the greatest racetrack in the world! Testing is complete, The Indigos are rocking Pagoda Plaza and hundreds of racers, crew, workers and friends have just completed the final track walk.

As we move into qualifying for this year’s National Championship, please keep in mind what an honor it is for SCCA to be at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We are on hallowed ground, where many of our heroes built their legacies. SCCA members always do an amazing job respecting our venues, so our partners at IMS expect nothing less. This could be a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or it could become part of our rotation every so often. It’s up to all of us to set that stage…

On Track Notes (Prepare to Qualify!):

  • Drivers, please see the separate note from the Race Directors about yellow flags and hot tows.
  • The Pagoda (the 9-story tower) is not open to spotters. We know it’s tempting, but you must resist! Please use the J Grandstand, Tower Terrace Grandstands or Pit Road Terrace (grandstands near Grid). If you aren’t sure where that is, check out the map here:
  • Non-licensed (stand-up) scooters are not permitted on grid. This includes the electric kind.

Off Track Notes

  • Some of you are driving way too fast in the garage area. Remember, these are blind corners around buildings and in and out of garages. We know that racecars don’t have a good paddock gear, but please be cognizant of your pace after you’ve been on course.
  • Speaking of Gasoline Alley, it will be one way, only going East (from the pit lane past the garages) beginning on Tuesday. Please don’t drive from the garage transporter lot past tech toward the pit lane exit (that’s to the West). If you need to access the garages, go to the South (near 5th street) of tech to head East.
  • The infield is very full. If some of you can carpool into the track, please do so. The maroon Paddock/Lot 7 pass is not a guarantee of an infield space outside of your own paddock spot. Options outside of your assigned space are the fenced-in gravel lot north of the tire companies or the marked grass spaces around that area. If there is no space, please don’t just park anywhere. We will have executive staff and ownership of the Speedway stopping in this week. Let’s make our best effort to present a great image of the SCCA and the Runoffs.
  • Fuel testing: We have learned through test days that mixing 93 octane fuel as supplied by Sunoco with Red Line Oil (2-stroke for rotaries, etc.) may result in a failed fuel test. Amsoil and Idemitsu oils have passed. Please be proactive to bring a sample to tech before it becomes a problem for you. Just stop by for a sample bottle and they’ll test it for you!


  • Facility Notes:
  • If you would like the trash bins in the paddock to be emptied, please make sure they are along the fire lane. Sanitation staff will not come into your paddock or camping area to empty your trash bin.
  • Track staff has had to ask a number of people to leave areas that are not open to participants. If there is a gate, rope, fence or any other thing that looks like it could be a blockade, please assume that area is not open. This includes the golf course! Two groups were removed from the golf course Sunday evening. If you’d like to golf, please contact Brickyward Crossing directly.
  • We are still seeing several golf carts and pit vehicles parked on the viewing mounds.  These are not permitted on the mounds.  Please park them in a safe place and walk up the mounds.


We’re Texting, Are you Receiving?

If you are not getting text updates, what are you waiting for?


For general event information, text RUNOFFS to the number 21000.

For worker or driver class information, choose one of the groups below and text
RUNOFFS-{Group Name} to the number 21000.  Group names are not case-sensitive.  Reply STOP at any time to opt-out.

For example, Runoffs-worker to 21000 or Runoffs-SRF3 to 21000.


· Worker 
· Flag 
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· FE2 
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For the mobile alert text information document, click here.

Supported Carriers: AT&T, Metro PCS, nTelos, Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Verizon Wireless, T Mobile

Have a great evening and Tuesday!

The Runoffs Team