Runoffs Report – Sunday, 9/26, Morning

Good morning from Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the 2021 SCCA Runoffs!

On Track Notes:

  • Many cars in group 4 and group 5 on Saturday were not slowing down for yellow flags. Track safety will stop hot tows if flags are not obeyed. Please watch for flags so we can keep the sessions going.
  • Remember that when exiting pit lane, you stay to driver’s right of the Turn 1 apex curb and then feed in afterward. Do not enter the racing surface until after you’ve gone past this curb!
  • Your transponder must be functioning during Test Day, Qualifying and Race sessions.  Cars without working transponders will be black flagged.

Facility Notes:

  • Nothing with wheels is permitted on the spectating mounds. Please park at the base of the mound and walk up.
  • Golf carts are not allowed on 16th Street or across the street to Registration. If you need to visit Registration, please park your cart and walk across the street.

Event Notes:

  • Track walk is scheduled for this evening. We will text out details as we get closer, but remember: bicycles and ADA mobility devices may be used at a normal walking speed. Golf carts, motorized scooters or other pit vehicles are not permitted. See event supps 5.2.
  • Street vehicles must be parked in designated lots or within your paddock space.  If you see an open spot in the paddock, assume a trailer will be trying to park there soon.  Additionally, we have one more tire company moving in, so if you are parked in the east side of Rubber Row (tire companies), please move your car, as soon as possible.

We’re Texting, Are you Receiving?

If you are not getting text updates, what are you waiting for?

For general event information, text RUNOFFS to the number 21000.

For worker or driver class information, choose one of the groups below and text
RUNOFFS-{Group Name} to the number 21000.  Group names are not case-sensitive.  Reply STOP at any time to opt-out.

For example, Runoffs-worker to 21000 or Runoffs-SRF3 to 21000.


· Worker 
· Flag 
· AS 
· Bspec 
· EP 
· F500 
· FA  
· FC  
· FE2 
· FF 
· FX 
· FP 
· FV 
· GT1 
· GT2 
· GT3 
· GTL 
· HP 
· P1 
· P2 
· SM 
· SRF3 
· STL 
· STU 
· T1 
· T2 
· T3 
· T4

For the mobile alert text information document, click here.

Supported Carriers: AT&T, Metro PCS, nTelos, Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Verizon Wireless, T Mobile