Runoffs Report – September 24th


For those that are here, welcome! For those that are yet to arrive, we’ll see you soon.


Let’s face it, we had some challenges today. We know that the Registration line was long—too long. We appreciate the patience exhibited by our members today. We made some changes throughout the day and did eventually get caught up. But our sincere apologies for time many of you spent in line.


News and Notes:

  • If you are testing, please remember that you the driver needs to get their own wristband at Tech. While crew can pick up stickers, the driver needs to get their wristband.
  • The paddock is filling in, which means we’re going to see traffic pick up. Please review the traffic flow patterns on this map: The most important thing to remember is that the roads around the paved area with the rigs for Garage dwellers are one way, and work in a counter-clockwise motion. So you go north along Hulman Blvd and South on Foyt. This includes anything on wheels; scooters, bikes, golf carts, pit bikes and other pit vehicles.
  • With the increase in traffic, please keep the pit vehicle speeds reasonable. This includes electric scooters.
  • If you have an RV/Camper and need pump-out service, please call Service Sanitation at (800) 909-5646.