• John Luetjen

    E-Prod Porsche 911 Engine Kit (2.3)

    Over 10 years ago I was planning on converting my long-hood 911 over for E-Prod racing.  So I built this engine to the E-Prod rules.  It's only single-plug 2.2 liter (66 mm stroke) with a 1 mm overbore to 85 mm, 11:1 CR) and it was designed to work with 40 mm Webers with 34 mm venturi. Time moved on and early 911 values changed (upwards!) and my 911 will not be seeing any on-track competition.  So I figure it's time to move this engine out of the garage and move on to other car projects.  You can see pictures and details of the engine here at the Pelican Parts Porsche 911 Forum:

    2.2 Liter Porsche 911 Engine

    As is usual for me, I don't accept offers.  If you're interested, the engine will be going up on E-Bay later today (28-September 2019) for a no-reserve auction starting at $5000.  I'll post a link when it's up.  Disclaimer -- I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL ENGINE BUILDER.  This engine is being sold without a warranty, so bid accordingly. 

    But if you do place a bid, you could be getting a deal.  Good Luck!

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