• Charles (Chuck) Hastings McConica

    2000 Radical ProSport P2

    RMS-0119, SCCA Logbook 96-1062, DSR / P2 Sports Racer, as raced in 2016 SCCA Runoffs 11th Place Finish, with: High Down Force Front Splitter, One Piece Full Body High Down Force Undertray / Diffuser, Low 2 Element Rear Wing, High Rigidity Image Wheels, Loynings / Rill Tech Racing Kawasaki 1000 cc engine & Build Sheets, AIM Drack EV3 4 Channel Data System 

    Spares: Beasley Nose & Tail body parts unopened (note, for center seat), Standard Radical Single Element Rear Wing with rear space frame & high wing support, Rear space frame & high wing support for 2 element rear wing, Rear space frame with integral medium height wing support for 2 element rear wing, Radical "Nut & Bolt" Spares & Other Spares Like Rod Ends, Chains, etc., Radical Air Jack System, Radical Right Side (new), Radical High Down Force Front Splitter (new), Radical Left Side Splitter (new), Radical Foot / Leg Rain Shield (Good Condition), Radical Front Energy Absorber with Front Rock Side Plates (Moderate Condition), Radical Right Side Splitter (Fair Condition), Radical Diffuser (Poor Condition, about 1 foot square hole under engine area that could be patched), Radical Springs: 2x 300 #/inch, 4x 350 #/inch, 4x 600 #/inch, Hypercoil Springs 2x 850 #/inch, Radical Left & Right Short Front Upper "A" Arms with Short Steering Links, Radical Left & Right Rear Upper "A" Arms, Repaired Radical Front Lower "A" Arm, Radical 4-2-1 Coated Exhaust System, 3 Sets of Original Image Wheels with one extra Rear Wheel

    Engine Spares: Carburetor Jets: 150, 160, 165, 168, 172, 180, Dyna 2000 Ignition Unit & 4 Coils, 15 Tooth Front Sprocket (Moderate Condition), Rear Sprockets: 44 tooth (Good Condition), 47 Tooth (new), 48 Tooth (new), 49 Tooth (new), 50 Tooth (Good Condition), Many Other Kawasaki Engine Parts (used, but reasonable condition)


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