• Nick Graziano

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    I'm a new member. I have my novice permit and looking to do a drivers's school to get my competition license. I live in central New York and there seems to be nothing in the area to do so. I don't mind traveling to do a school. Does anyone know of ones that are still on going?

    Or is there any other way I could at least get a few laps with the car before the end of the year?



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    • ted m.

      I have been looking for this information for a long time, I was very surprised when I found it here.

    • My name is Don Ahrens. I have a 1990 240sx avalible for the southeast drivers schools. It comes with my expert coaching. The car is set up with Radio's and has adjustable set and tilt steering wheel. I can make drivers go fast quick threw coaching you while you drive. Don Ahrens 352 316-3600 ahrensauto.com

    • Robert Brookfield

      Forgot a thing or two.  Hopefully by the next issue of Sportscar the schedule will be listing regions having Driver Schools.  Then you might find a chance to to to Mid-Ohio or some other track that is near you.  But, I would ask do you have a competion license from some other sanctioning body?  Many regions accept Competition Licenses from other bodies.  If you don't already have a copy of the General Competition Rules get on ASAP.  You would need to be conversant with that for a SCCA school, you will know what the requirements are for you safetywise (suit, helmet, etc) and for your car to pass our tech inspection.  Also, you can look up other regions that may be near you to find out if they have schools or races.  Do that on this site.  But wherever you go I am sure you will be welcomed.  Online you can check out the time/distance to Virginia International Raceway and if it is possible come on down to race with us in North Carolina Region.  We'd be happy to have you.  Good luck.

    • Robert Brookfield

      DC region usually has a school in Mid-March,  Check their website for info.