• Austin R Hilliard

    Contemplating changing cars, no idea what to sell for

    I have for years now contemplated selling my Honda S2000 (STU car) for something cheaper to run, and in a class that will have others.  Basically I don't want my wallet to have SUCH an impact on how competitive I am in the class.  That being said I am looking at B-spec.  I like the cars and know that if I really want to race Spec Miata I can always rent one for a weekend.  THe TCB's are much cheaper to run and I can race more often and have more fun in a 'spec' class. 

    My debacle is that I have no idea what to ask for my current car if I sell it.  It is a $10k street car, and of course you put in a lot of time and money to turn something from street to race car and never get all of that back.  That being said, it is a good car, never left me sitting off track, raced it for about 6 years now, etc.  To 'buy from a fab shop' it would be ~$65k, and given it has been raced for 6 years, I am thinking of asking $30k for it.  It is not a front running car in STU, as I do not have the money to put into the engine, but everything else is there, it just needs about 70 more hp to be a solid mid-pack car (ahh, the STU issue continues). 

    It could also go to NASA or ITR, or even STL, T2/3, Production, etc.  It's a Honda, it is a solid car.


    Just want to get some other people's opinions on it before I take action.



    ps. i did look at race entries in my area for b-spec and there are usually 5+ cars at the majors races, and 2-3 cars are regional races.  Right now I only do regional and am always the only car in my class.

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