• Maxwell Lawson

    Dominant cars

    I've been thinking about this as nationals are done and in the books (for better or worse); what are the best cars for each class?  Per the results I would say Miatas are best for all RWD classes, late 1980s Civics and SRT4s are the best for FWD classes (yes, a Fiesta got first in PF but only because of a lousy first run by the 2nd place 1989 Civic driver), and Evos are best for AWD classes.  Is there no hope for drivers of different cars?  What has this rallycrossing world become?  Should we have open spec classes to clear out the dominant cars and make room for everyone else?  Like all Evos regardless of prep go to one class and so on...  

    As an Evo owner I'm thinking I'll be jumping up to M4 to race against Warren next year regarless of our prep level (I have to see how I'll do against the winniest rallycrosser).  

    Maybe the SCCA rallycross world is simply too small to have more classes (and for FWD and RWD classes where the dominant cars are so cheap, unnecessary) but I don't know.  Personally, if all Evos were put together in one class I wouldn't mind.  

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    • WilliamMeade

      The Plymouth / Dodge Neon is a compact car sold in Europe, Mexico and Canada under the name Chrysler Neon, and under its original name only in the North American market. This front-wheel drive car was introduced by Chrysler in January 1994 as a 1995 model under the Dodge and Plymouth brands of the Chrysler Corporation.

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    • sarahemi

      What about the WRX Impreza and Pontiac GTO

    • Jayson Woodruff

      I've won SR in a miata and am now campaining a MR miata.  But I still think the first gen MR2 is the way to go.The '87 MR2 I ran was faster than my miata in every aspect but REALLY slow sloppy tight turns (not enough weight on steering).  Best of bread is the '85 hard top.

      I won SR in the MR2 way back in '07, but it wasn't really a competitive class.  The only other MR2 was in mod class when it was simply Mod 2WD, so didn't have a chance against FWD.

      I simply couldn't keep up with the failing parts of my MR2, even with an entirely spare car.  It was expensive and hard to find help.  The miata knowledge base is SO plentiful in grass roots, you can usually find someone willing to change your clutch for you for a hamburger and a six pack.

      Jay W

    • Dr. J. Douglas Patterson

      The Neons, especially the ACRs, are definitely the right cars for SF, and could be for PF. The FiST is a mean car, but it's 17" rims hinder it in the stock class. Had I not driven like a complete n00b in the mud on Saturday morning, we could have seen two FiSTs trophy in PF. The only reasons why the Civic was gaining ground on the FiST was because 1) Greg was being smart and kept each run clean and the car in one piece, and 2) Bob Seelig is an alien! He's just a wicked good driver. Put Bob in a FiST, and the rest of us are fighting for 2nd.

    • Charles Wright

      Evo's have certainly proven that they are the car to have for the AWD classes.  If you ever get a chance to ride in one or drive one, you'll understand why.  With that said, the STi can run with it as evident by the 2015 Dixie Challenge results where ZB's STi came out with the win.  Lumping all the Evo's into one class would be an interesting test.  In dry conditions the battle may be equitable.  In wet conditions where tire choice can significantly affect performance, the results would be a forgone conclusion.  Maybe we could do a post event challenge one year where all the winners of each class get a couple of runs to compare to each other.

      Certainly with only 9 classes for all cars you have to carefully decide what you're going to drive if you want to be competitive.  This is especially true in the Stock class with its limited modifications and probably as well in Prepared.

    • Warren F Elliott

      Not p. The fastest kar the last five years is a p kar.

    • Mark Macoubrie

      I think the STI can be competative in AWD with the right set of conditions.  I also think there are cars like the Porsche 911 that would be very fast and have a proven rally history that would be competative.   

    • Kent R Hamilton

      I've always thought an Integra Type R would be great for SF. Light and powerful with a good LSD, but the downside is the low front bumper.  And I'll be gambling on a Subaru taking MA next year, assuming I actually get it finished. Might drag a few more Alaskans down there with me to try and take on some other classes too! Haha!

    • Warren F Elliott

      Two Alaskans already take the two fastest classes.


    • Warren F Elliott

      The old man may be all used up. If he can make it next year he may have to fall back to PA. And remember the bwm is p legal and very fat. Do not forget to tell the rxb to forget about dropping our speed limit. It would be nice to see second gear. 

    • Maxwell Lawson

      Whatever class you pick I feel like I should join you in it.  Gotta race against the best!  ;)

    • Pete Remner

      The standing knowledge is that the answer is always Miata.  Except when it is RX-7 of course.

      Front wheel drive, I am a strong fan of Neons.  They have a wonderfully controllable chassis and flexible engine.  They also don't seem to be as fragile as Civics.

      All wheel drive, the answer is, naturally, the VW Quantum Syncro Wagon.  The utter lack of participation nationally with this ultimate hero of a car is due to the simple fact that they were rare when new and that was 25 years ago.  I happen to have hoarded a couple and may be willing to let my "ringers" go for the right price...