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    Very Special Event in SoCal

    Santa Monica Sports Car Club is hosting a very special event on September 6th.The First Friday Niter Rally will visit the locations of many TV shows and movies. The San Fernando Valley has been the site of many epic scenes. Sean Stern has done the historical research and is bringing you to these places. In fact, we are working on links to movie clips for you to watch while you are at the actual movie locations while running the rally. For instance, you will be sitting on the exact spot where this scene (picture below) was filmed in ET. You can watch this clip (we are providing the links) there if your smartphone has that capability. If you are a fan of the movies, if you loved Django Unchained, Jurassic Park or Poltergeist, you will love this rally. This is a very special event that you will never forget. Do not miss it!‚Äč

    A number of people have complained that it is too difficult to get to the start of our FFN after work because the traffic is too bad. So, we are trying something different. To give everyone more time to get to the event on Friday night, we have moved the Registration one hour later to 8:00 PM. First car out will be at 9:01 PM. Please come out and support the club and let us know how you like the new time. Registration is behind the Bank of America at the intersection of Devonshire and Sepulveda in Mission Hills, CA. Entry fee is $15 for non SCCA member teams and $10 for members.

    This rally is all about enjoyment not competition. You will be given precise directions and checkpoint times in Monte Carlo format and can relax and enjoy the surprising scenes. It will be epic!


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