• Cheryl Babbe

    25th United States Road Rally Challenge

    For the SCCA-sanctioned sport of RoadRally, this is our only nationally recognized event with a celebrated history of twenty-four years. I am writing to learn if anyone knows a Region who has taken on the 25th? 

    I have not heard news of one, and my rally partner and I find it a shame to those prior twenty-four years that the event will come to an end. We helped get three teams out for the first in 1995. I have navigated in the Detroit, St Louis, New England, Arctic Alaska, and Land 'o Lake Regions' sanctioning of the USRRC events throughout the years.

    Sure, there can be one so named in 2020 or beyond, yet it won't be an anniversary event should we skip 2019's 25th Annual Celebration of the event. Here's hoping someone has the good news that the SCCA RoadRally program can make the 25th Anniversary of it's United States Road Rally Challenge.

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