• Cheryl Babbe

    USRRC Goes "North to Alaska"

    The September 15-17th USRRC will travel Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula with lodging in Seward and Homer, yet make sure you arrive before Thursday evening for the Reception. Registration and more info can be found here: USRRC July Update

    The United States Road Rally Challenge is a road rally and rallyists like numbers – route instruction numbers, CAST changes, mileage for turns, penalty points (nah, they don't like these numbers!), and their car numbers! 

    So here are some USRRC numbers — 54 days and counting, 44 rally enthusiasts are registered with 20 teams and 4 confirmed checkpoint workers, 2 hotels have their deposits, 1 pre-check team has seen the course, 1 RRSS has given their views, 28 days were spent on the road with recon 'n layout, and 1 Rallymaster has a list of todos remaining and "x" checkpoints await the teams! 

    Come on, you didn't really think we'd tell you how many checkpoints, did you? Next you'll want to know where they are located, ha!

    Come Join Us! #comeroadrally

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    • Abhati R.

      Wow~! i liked it

    • sarahemi

      Hey please update some photos of the event

    • vasche

      Great place to do the Rally!

    • Ignacio A.

      Glad to join!

    • Cheryl Babbe

      Just yesterday we posted up the CBS Interactive Film on the USRRC from a team "new to rally" – Car #20 Drew Stearne and Evan Miller!

      Today we are here to share the SCCA's SportsCar January edition, has a few pages covering the 2017 Alaska United States Road Rally Challenge: http://bit.ly/SportsCarUSRRC17.

      We hope you enjoy the coverage from the various venues - drive.com, digitaltrends.com, rootsrated.com and huffingtonpost.com, as well as Car #20's film which can be seen here: http://bitly.com/RoadShowUSRRC17.

      Merry Christmas and here's to you getting out to a road rally in 2018!

      Cheryl Lynn, USRRC Rallymaster 2017

    • Cheryl Babbe

      We are delighted to announce that we are at TWENTY-THREE TEAMS for the 2017 USRRC! As of August 8th, we have seven spots remaining before we start a wait list. Don't delay, register today! USRRC Rally Clan


    • Cheryl Babbe

      Wow! Friday was a banner day for United States Road Rally Challenge on the internet. We saw a posting to the scca.com main page with photo and click here to read RACER.com release too!

      We are delighted to have our event bring attention to the motorsport of Road Rally going on in North America – been it SCCA-sanctioned or not, and we hope you'll choose be a part of the 2017 USRRC Rally Clan. Be it a destination rally such as the 2017 USRRC, September 15-17th (yet book your ticket to arrive for 9/14 Reception), or one of the 100's of local events in you 200-mile driving radius!!

      We are not at our entry cap just yet, so register today so we have a hotel room for you along the route, print enuf route instructions 'n checkpoint slips, and know how many event shirts to print too!

      Come Join Us! #comeroadrally