• Cheryl Babbe

    Road Rally eNews - March 2017 Edition

    Greetings Fellow Motorsport Enthusiasts!

    The March edition of Road Rally eNews has just hit the airwaves! Check it out at http://bitly.com/RReNews1703 and read about the Atlanta Region and the SoWeLa (Southwest Louisiana) Region who are revitalizing Road Rally in their area.

    Need to build timing lines for your Checkpoint scoring? Jay gives us build plan and some model numbers to get you started. Hibernation is over and we already have 38 rallies sanctioned in 2017!

    As always, you can text ROADRALLY to 22828 and follow the prompts to add your email directly to the RReNews mailing list! Come Join Us!!

    Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan

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