• Cheryl Babbe

    Road Rally eNews - August 2016 Edition

    Wow! Has summer gone as quickly for you and yours as it has here in the Arctic? Seems like it was just yesterday when our Solo program had it's first event and it's now three months past!

    The August 2016 Road Rally eNews hit the streets today! While I hope that you have chosen to join the RReNews list, you can click here to read it as well: bitly.com/RReNews1708

    Thank you to the contributors this month: Peter Schneider, Rich Bireta, Scott Believu, Deena Rowland, Mark Henderson, Jeanne English, John Emmons, Jay Nemeth-Johannes, Mike Thompson and should you need a great laugh (and see yourself in the writings perhaps) you must read Rick Myers' contribution to My First Road Rally! Sadly, we share the passing of Ted Goddarand we delight in the history of Gene Henderson being captured by Randy Graves and Brian McMahon!


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