• Nigel Fenwick

    Will a Schroth QuickFit Pro harness pass tech?

    The Solo rule book allows for a four point harness like the Schroth Quick Fit Pro (https://www.schrothracing.com/products/quickfit) but I see the guidance for passing tech at Nationals refers to the GCR rules which don't allow for a plug-in harness. 

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    • Paul H Tibbals

      I have an old 4 point.  Mine is just to hold me in place better.  I think the key here is that it isn't required, at least for street cars, so there are no safety standards such as expiration or mounting over a harness bar that apply.  I have not explored the GCR on this matter but the car has passed National tech multiple times in current configuration.  I'm not sure if Howard Duncan is still the go-to guy for this info but you could look him up (I'd phone SCCA at this point) and ask if you aren't sure.