• Robert (Rocky) Entriken Jr.

    2017 Solo Nationals – Writers wanted

       Do you like to write? You could help cover the Solo Nationals for SportsCar Magazine, and it counts as your worker credit.

       The ideal situation is drivers who plan to be there for all four days of Nationals. You can cover classes on the days you do NOT run, leaving you free to focus on your competition on your run days. But anyone who wishes to apply is encouraged to do so, including drivers just there for the two days they run.

       No one should have to write up more than two classes or cover classes in more than two heats (Open and Ladies are considered one class for story purposes). The basic job is to be there when the classes are running, talk to a couple of the key players, then write a story of about 500 words (likely after you get home).

       I’m not looking for pro-level writing talent, I seek good observers -- the eyes and ears of the reporters are what is most valuable. As editor my job is to make your story look good.

       If you can be part of the crew this year, please send me a direct e-mail (rocky@spitfire4.com) telling me:

    1. Your name
    2. Mailing address
    3. Phone numbers (home, work, cell)
    4. e-mail address
    5. Your class, days you run [see schedule below]
    6. What days you plan to arrive/leave Lincoln
    7. Any preferences for classes you'd like to cover
    8. Second choice for event work assignment in case I can't use you as a writer.

       I’ll reply confirming I got your e-mail, then you’ll hear from me next after Aug. 17 when the run/work order comes out, which is when I can make the story assignments.

       Registration is open now at https://www.scca.com/events/1987148-2017-tire-rack-scca-solo-nationals -- click “Online Registration.” When you reach “Work Preference” scroll down to “Other” and write in “SportsCar Writer.”

       If you've already sent your entry and checked off some other worker preference, just let me know what you checked. I can get it changed.

       Hope to hear from you soon!


    --Rocky Entriken

      Chief of Writers


       ------ Run Days for 2017 Solo Nationals ------


                   SSR BS ES FS HS

                   STS STR STP

                   CSP DSP ESP


                   DP EP

                   CM FM KM FSAE JA/JB



                   SS AS CS DS GS

                   STF STX STU

                   SSP ASP BSP FSP

                   SM SMF

                   XP CP FP

                   AM BM DM EM 



      and, of course, corresponding Ladies classes


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