• Keith A Papulski Sr.

    KIDD Stickers

    You may have seen the KIDD sticker being flown on a few of the Colorado AutoXer's cars at Nationals. The sticker is for our fellow AutoXer Darren Kidd and his family. They are dealing with the recent passing of their oldest Son and Darren's terminal brain turmor.  

    If you don't know Darren by name you know his Red RX-7 #14 XP car driven by Darren and Mark Mauro Jr. for many years. Here is a pic of his car,  https://www.flickr.com/photos/11494071@N08/29859976814/in/dateposted-public/

    We have a sticker available to show support for Darren and his Family, if you would like a couple stickers email me and I will be happy to send them to you, kpapulski at taylortools.com.


    I saw Darren recently and he is in good spirits and is going strong. This is truly remarkable and shows exactly why these stickers have so much meaning for each and everyone of us as a "How To" for life's huge challenges that can come up for anyone of us. 

    This is a link to our club Forum https://www.rmsolo.org/forums/

    Darren's email is dkidd at formtightinc.com if you would like to drop him a line.

    Keith Papulski




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