• Brett Alan Bourdette

    New rule question

    As I read the new rules on rim width, diameter, and offset am I clear that I now can run a square set-up on my C5 Z06 with the stock rear rims all around. I would be referring to AS or SSR class. If not what class could I run that setup in. I'm thinking more about tire rotation then anything else. Also the stock size tires for the C5 Z06 has gotten very limited.

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    • Mark Mangicaro

      I squared up my 330Ci the last 2 years I ran it and found myself missing that extra 60MM of width in the back as I improved. Your Vette has a LOT more power than that car, so you might miss it quicker. This year (on the M Roadster) I stayed with the staggered set-up and had the tires remounted left-to-right so I could use up the "inside" sidewalls (especially on the fronts). I plan on doing the same thing next year.

      Another thing you might consider is running a square set-up on the street and buying a dedicated seat of rear tires and rims for autocorss then alternate which pair you use up front on course. That would also give you the option of running the square setup on course if the surface is wet.

    • Brett Alan Bourdette

      Good point. I wouldn't be able to run the 295 s square but I could use the 275s and be within the 1" rule and I might miss the extra inches on the back.