• Jake Callery

    Steering Angle Sensor unplug (Street Rules / MS3)

    Hi All,

    I am running a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 in GS, and I am able to turn off the TC and ESC by holding down a button during start up.


    However, there is "feature" that cuts power based on steering angle regardless of the TC setting.


    So I am not sure if that is considered a non-defeatable traction control item or not based on the following rule:

    G. On cars without the ability to turn off electronic stability control and/or
    traction control (ESC/TC) from the manufacturer, modifications to defeat the ESC/TC are permitted. These modification are limited to altering the inputs to the ESC/TC processor (e.g., removing fuses, unplugging yaw or steering angle sensors, altering signals) and may serve no
    other purpose. Any codes or error lights resulting from ESC/TC modifications are permitted.


    I "believe" I can defeat this power cut by unplugging the Steering Angle Sensor, but I wanted to verify its legality.


    Any thoughts?


    Thanks so much!


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