• Scott E Johns

    Lack of lots- proposal

    Seems no one uses these forums, but I thought this would be a starting point.  Has SCCA considered to start allocating funding to build their own "pads" so that members can continue to Autocross?  As many know, we are loosing lots at an alarming pace- mostly due to lawyers getting involved and not willing to accept our insurance for some reason. Many states now lack a location at all to be able to run.  If SCCA started to build lots at least in the populated or well attended regions of the past, we may be able to sustain headcount and continue growth (eg.  Wilmington).  These lots could also be rented out to others to offest taxes and so forth.  Many members have connections to equipment, contractors, etc.. that could offset the cost of such as program.

    SCCA should be very concerned as Solo is typically a segway into Road racing, etc...


    Scott J.

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    • Chad Ryker

      Check out the San Francisco Region.  They started doing this with entry fees starting back in the 80's and earlier this year secured a long term lease on a lot in exchange for major improvements using those set aside funds. 

      I think this type of thing is probably best done at the regional level.  Given the cost of constructing a high quality lot I could see some hard feelings using national dues to construct a lot that would primarily benefit a single region's members.

    • Robert Brookfield

      Way back in the 50's before Solo, up in NJ we did Time Trials and Field Trials.  We used two different stock car ovals, and nobody hit the wall.  Field Trials would have been the precursor to the present day Rallycross.  We also held Gymkhanas on shopping center lots (before they all started opening on Sunday) and in the Ft Dix motorpool area.  I've heard that rules nowadays preclude using an oval.  Afraid some Solo driver might hit the wall.  Yet road racing takes place on circuits with Armco and Jersey Wall in runoff areas.  Progress?  Beats me.