• Allan Kintz

    Wireless Timing?

    No idea how much attention this would get - but what's everyone using for wireless timing at events? We currently have a wired setup with a Race America AC4 box and a single 10" display. We've been debating shopping around for a while but after seeing one of our cables get shredded this weekend from a spin - it might be time to get more serious about it.

    If we are even able to spend money, it wouldn't be a ton. I've been looking into the T-Link2 systems as I think we'd be able to reuse our emitters, receiviers, and I think the AC4 and save quite a bit.

    If anyone has any specific experience with any of the wireless options, I'd love for some stories.

    And on a related note, has anyone switched to AXTI.ME for the software side? We use their live timing software with AXWare and I was curious if anyone has been running the full package. I know SCCA standard is AXWare because of the reporting and stuff - but it's nice to shop around once in a while...

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    • Sayrah Mitchell

      Thank you for the discussion!

      I've worked with a few setups, but most are wired (actually thinking back, all are wired in someway for us). One of our local Lion's Clubs (Alaska Sports Car Club) puts on a Tanacross event (on an old airstrip), and we use an RF reader, I think the brand is H1 or something like that. We put RF stickers on each car's windshield and as they go under the gantry the receivers pick up the ping and start/stop times. The system works with multiple cars on track and does laps times, if needed. I have not played too much with the software, but we have been manually entering competitors and manually adding each competitor to each heat, which takes more time. However, the results are pretty fool proof - since each RF tag is specific to the car, no need to manually enter car numbers in queue. During each heat it's pretty simple - just watch and report times on the radio to anyone who wants them. The RF gantry is linked by wire to the main H1 box, which plugs into a computer. These Tanacross events happen 2 times per year (labor day and memorial day) and we've toyed with the idea of keeping the RF tags on cars and using this software during ASCC AutoX events as the cars would already be registered and ready to go when they get to the event - the only challenges would be if there were more than one driver, verifying that each heat was set up correctly, and Start would also need to be Finish due to having only one gantry currently. Also, reporting is manually counting each heat and ranking competitors.

      For our PCA AK events, we use ... dang it I can't think of the name of the timing lights. It's a red box, with four buttons at the top and bottom, then number buttons in between, small black and white screen on top. Might have an M in the name. (I know, super helpful, right.) The device is linked by wire to each of the timing lights. The red box spits out times, but cannot really handle more than one car on track at a time. We have a spreadsheet that we put all the times into manually, that tracks each competitor's time and standing, tracking raw, PAX, novice and ladies as "extra" categories, which are all ranked automatically. I'm actually kind of proud of this spreadsheet as I helped add to it and calculate the as-you-go standings for novice and ladies. The sheet also gives series points, which are added up at the end of the season.


      Our SCCA group uses the same kind of timing lights, however they're plugged into an AXWare program. Again, I have not played around too much with this program, but I've heard it is easy to import competitors from MotorsportsReg and I've seen how easy it is to pull reports. It's does require someone to manually enter the queue as you go, but is pretty easy to operate during the runs.


      Anywho, sorry to not be more helpful. I'm subscribing to this thread becuse I'd love to see how other groups do their timing. We all strive for that magical day when all we have to do is show up and race and everything is done automatically! :)

    • Matt Tuhro

      We bought a FarmTek setup, three years ago.  Very happy with it.  We got an entire setup, with a display and cases, for around $2500. 

      We had an receiver get damaged this year.  FarmTek rebuilt it for less than $50.

      Be sure to spring for the Yagi antennas.  An onmi directional antenna for the timing head, would be a good idea also.

      The only downside, is some timing software suppliers, offer limited support when the hear you are running FarmTek.  As they are trying to sell competing timing hardware.

    • Brian

      San Francisco Region is using Axtime - they switched from AxWare completely.  I know there are others; you can check in the forums to see the discussion on their website under 'Support'.

      For regions using MotorsportReg, there is direct integration so you don't need to export/import - just click a button in Axtime and it pulls down entries directly via our REST API. Sweeeeeeeet!

    • Allan Kintz

      Thanks Brian. I was just poking around a bit more on Axtime and have found one issue for us... season points! There doesn't (yet) appear to be any sort of season standings or points type of system. you can access event results but compiling in some way would be manually. So that's probably out at the moment...

    • Sayrah Mitchell

      You may be able to build a good spreadsheet that all you'll need to do is copy in a set of data (from the reporting side) and another sheet in the workbook spits out results. I'm not sure if this is ideal, but it may work better than manual standings :)