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Kevin Dietz

One more year in STR I just cant say no to all the awesome competition and drivers. - updated
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    I don't understand why we artificial cap the wait-list at less than we take in at the event. If we are going to allow 250 as an example the first person on the wait-list should be the 251st person right? Putting people on the wait list if they are the 238th person artificial creating a wait-list at 225. Then making them wait 2 weeks before the event to find out if they are in. Making booking flights and arraignments for time off and even hotels difficult and expensive. I vote for taking the full amount you're going to eventually allow into the event and starting the wait-list behind them. I'm sure there is a reason, maybe so the locals get a guaranteed preference but I guess it just doesn't stand out as an obvious reason to me. Anyone know why we do it this way. Enlighten me. :-)

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