• Ivan Pandev

    Solo XP Splitter Rules Clarification

    Hi all,

    The XP Rules in Appendix A, Section 1.c, state that "Front splitters are allowed and shall be installed parallel to the
    ground (within ±3° fore and aft)." So presumably, you can adjust the front of your splitter to be 3 degrees above vertical and the rear of the splitter 3 degrees below vertical. This seems explicitly allowed. It will, however, develop a venturi effect, to some extent, which seems to conflict with Section 17.S: "Ground effect
    tunnels and/or attempts to gain ground effects are also not authorized.
    Any such elements incorporated in the otherwise approved components
    must be removed or disabled." Since XP rules supercede Prepared rules, would it still be allowed to make a splitter angled 3 deg up at the front and 3 deg down at the rear? If not, how do we reconcile that splitters inherently have "ground effects," and that if you don't want a competitor to use venturi tunnels, etc, you need to enforce an AOA tolerance like above?

    Thank you in advance!


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