• Chad Ryker

    Budget Fox Body Mustang is the antidote to CAM (aka Cubic American Money)

    My latest blog article is a feature on a San Diego Region CAM-T competitor who is doing it right. Having a total blast, being very competitive, and doing it all on a minuscule budget with his Fox Body.


    Check out the article here: autocross Fox Body Mustang.

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    • Bruce Funderburg

      Love the "Cubic American Money" nickname.


      I have seen a lot of people directing people to run in CAM in very mildly modified cars.  Yes, great idea to run in an almost unlimited class in a mild street car because you are too lazy to read the rules to find a class that you will fit better in.  It is like recommending every production road race car run in SPO.


      I am waiting for people to show up with giant wings so we get the CAM clamp down that happened in SM & ST.

    • Denzell45

      Thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed the article and video.