• Douglas K.

    Car Classification Fiat 500e

    I can't seem to post an initial post because it says I am posting a link. Weird. But I can post a reply. See below.

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    • Douglas K.

      I want to enter a Fiat 500e into autocross. The SCCA Appendix A rules state that the base 500 is excluded due to reasons of stability. The 500e is an electric vehicle with a 600+ pound battery pack a foot above the ground. The 500e certainly is not a base 500. But, then again, it is not a 500 Abarth, which is allowed under the SCCA rules. So we have a conundrum given that the lowest 500 is excluded, but the fast Abarth is allowed.

      As Car & Driver in a comparison of electric cars notes, "The 500e was quickest through the slalom thanks to its racier Firestone tires, fast steering, and tight roll control." There is no stability issue with the 500e given the ballast of a 600 lb battery.

      Please let me know if the Fiat 500e is allowed at autocross events, and what class it might be placed. Thanks,


    • Chad Ryker

      I suggest you check in with your local SCCA region on if you can run and what class.  

    • Douglas K.

      I have checked, and I am waiting a response. But the problem is that they state they use SCCA rules. And there is no classification for the Fiat 500e. If there is no class, maybe I can convince them to use the Abarth class. At least that would get me in....

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