• Clifford H.

    Are sunglasses allowed in helmet during Solo?

    I'm thinking of trying my first ever Solo event this summer.  I'll be using my motocross helmet, which is rated for Snell M2015.

    When I ride dirtbike trails, I usually just wear tinted safety glasses (I know, probably not the safest idea).  I was wondering if doing something like that was allowed during an event.  If not, are tinted motocross goggles allowed?  The goggles strap securely around the helmet, and shouldn't pose a safety risk.


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    • Paul H Tibbals

       Hi Clifford.  Welcome! 

      Snell M2015 meets the helmet requirement.

      As far as glasses, those of us who need that type of vision correction would be pretty upset if glasses were not allowed.  Regular glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, all are fine.  I hadn't thought about goggles, but as long as your vision isn't restricted by them excessively they should be fine.  In fact, the Solo rules includes this info in the Helmet section:

      <Full face or modular helmets shall be worn while competing in an openwheel car, formula car, or kart. Face shield, goggles, or similar face protection (conventional eyeglasses are not sufficient) shall be worn while competing in any other vehicle with less than the standard-size windshield. >

      I'm assuming that your first event won't be in an openwheel car, but one never knows.