• Shawn C.

    Classification Question

    Hi there, I have a 2012 Audi S4 that I will be running in Street Prepared in 2017. I am looking to update a part but I am unclear if it is legal to do so under the rules and am hoping someone here could help.

    The part I am looking to replace is the what Audi calls a lower strut brace however I am not sure that the most accurate description. From the attached images the part I am referring to is the black X shaped part. This part attaches with 6 bolts to the front subframe. The factory part is made of pieces of stamped steel welded together and the part I would like to replace it with is a solid piece of aluminum machined into roughly the same shape but with additional bracing.

    Can someone tell me if this is allowed under SP and if so what rule covers it? The closest that I can find is 15.2.C.3 which refers to lower suspension braces but doesn't have words around adding/removing/substituting the part like they do when talking about strut bars. The wording makes me wonder if the stock part is actually legal based on that it must attach within 2" of the suspension pickup points. I assume the stock part is legal but then how do I determine if the replacement part is legal. If the rule I have indicated is correct, if I were to have to measure the distance between two suck points, what am I exactly measuring from and to?




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    • Doug Gill

      Hi, Shawn,

      One of the best ways to interpret the Solo Rules is, "If it doesn't say you can, you can't."

      The Solo Rules allow 2-point strut braces and replacement of 3-point strut braces. On the Audi S4, I'd call that an X-brace and I'd say it's technically more like a 4-point brace (the number of fasteners doesn't necessarily make it so). Since there is no mention of an X-brace, 4-point brace, or anything similar, then you can't change it. The standard (stock) brace is compliant because that is the OE configuration; and there is no allowance to remove it either.

      Hope this helps.


      Doug Gill, SCCA Solo Competition Manager