• Stephen W.

    What class would i run for solo?

    I have a '93 acura integra ls. It has the stock b18a1 with dc sports exhaust header, custom 2" exhaust system with no cat and universal muffler with aftermarket intake tube and air filter. The transmission is stock other than it has a stage 1 clutch with oem flywheel and possibly a limited slip diff. The suspension consists of tokico blue's front and rear with h&r 2" drop springs and adjustable upper front balljoints. The rest i believe to be stock other than factory 15" rims from a '96 integra and 195/50/r15 dunlop dz102's on all 4 corners. It also has stock interior except for a switch to control my engine fans. Oh the ac compressor is shot so its still installed but with no ac drive belt. No other mods i can think of at this time. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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