• Tobin Schuster

    Proposed ByLaws change mailing

    My wife and I just received the mailing for ByLaws change balloting. I noticed that the email address listed on both documents was the same but it is the email address for a different member of our region. I went online and verified that my email address listed in our accounts is correct. 

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    • Chris Robbins

      Just a quick follow-up on this post and the associated member concerns. First, the bylaws vote for allowing e-comm and e-balloting passed with a 94.5% YES vote (nearly 6900 yes and 400 no). Second, the printing company gave us a HUGE rebate on the order, saving the SCCA $(5 figures). Thank you to everyone who voted! Last, go to the top ribbon on this website and click on the "JOIN SCCA/RENEW" tab on the right side, enter your SCCA Member ID (member #) and click "Forgot my Password" to update your information in the new Member Account Portal! It's being "soft launched" (not advertising it yet) and you can be among the first to see how much easier it is to manage your account information, set-up auto-renew, etc. NOTE: If you click on your NAME at the top of this web page you're not updating your info in our account portal, just the info on this website (which we do not own). It is NOT linked to your SCCA member account. Click on the "JOIN SCCA/RENEW" tab and THAT is what we control at the SCCA. Enjoy!


    • Andy Rodosevich


    • Chris Robbins

      There have been a few questions about the email address issue on the recent SCCA mailer. We're so sorry for this mistake. The printing company we hired to send out the postcards made an error on the email line. It was supposed to be your email address to verify! You should've received an email, or maybe you saw the SCCA press release sent out last week telling you all about it. And you should've also received an apology and explanation of the printing error. If you didn't get those emails. THAT is the problem we're trying to solve by asking for you to verify yours! :) Updating your email in your profile on this site doesn't change your email with Membership, and that's a problem we're fixing now. We are about to roll out a new and improved process which will make joining and renewing and managing your membership a seamless experience. This long-overdue improvement will use your Member ID (number) and NOT your email address to access the system, but we do need a current, active email address so we can communicate with you! If you have any additional concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to me at crobbins@scca.com!

    • Ryan W.

      I got the same bogus email on my ballot as well. And sending my email wide open through the mail? I think not...

    • Robert G.

      Same here. Same jfchuang email listed.

      I assume the board is aware? If so, what are the proposed next steps?

    • SCCA,

       Please provide reason for the incorrect email address on the mailers (i recieved the same). Has there been a breach? If yes, what parts of our personal information have been leaked?


      Thank you

    • Chris Robbins

      An error occurred at the printing company we used to send the mailers. They apologized profusely and have given us a big rebate on the work. The problem with emails is being addressed with our new member account system rolling out in a matter of weeks!

    • Robert Canepa

      No I'm not going to put my name, signature, and CORRECT email out in the open mail!

      SCCA, you already have our correct emails, send us the proposed bylaws revision via email, use USPS for our members without an email address.   

    • William A Nordquist

      I agree it's very poor form to have a voting mailer about voting by email with the wrong member email address on it (I got jfchuang1981@ too). But I also got an email to my correct email address on Oct. 19 informing me of the email error on the ballot, before I rec'd the paper ballot in US mail.

    • Chris Robbins

      I'm glad you got the email apology and explanation! The printing company who made the error came to us "hat in hand" and gave us a big rebate for the trouble. Our new member account system is being rolled out soon to eliminate issues communicating with you!

    • Richard A Wood

      Richard Wood, SCCA member since 1967, is NOT voting for the bylaws change.  To be clear I am voting …  and that vote is NO.   If SCCA can't get my email correct which I have had for almost 20 years and they have had on record for  … how many years ?!?  Dhaaaaaa  ?!?!

    • Chris Robbins

      I'm so sorry for the trouble! The printing company who sent the postcards made the error and gave us money back for their issue. If you got an email explaining the issue, we have your correct email!

    • Karen B Smith

      I to got jfchuang1981@gmail.com. I'm in Canada. This is how identity theft starts. The card also shows that ONLY completed ballots will be accepted. So as I will not be completing the entire card, I won't be returning it, as identity theft is real, and this card could be wrong.

    • Chris Robbins

      I'm so sorry for the confusion and worry. The printing company we contracted with made the error and has apologized and rebated the Club for our trouble. As for your concerns on identity theft, we did the risk assessment and so long as no SSN or banking or credit card info is present, the risk is extremely low. You may also put your ballot in an envelope and send it that way.

    • Ken J Stefancic

      This kind of scares me. SCCA wants to do communication to members using email, but can't keep track of our emails correctly.

      I recommend that everyone votes "NO" and not support the Bylaws Revisions to update voting communication and balloting until SCCA can keep track of our emails correctly.

    • Chris Robbins

      It bothered us too! The discontinuity with member info is being addressed with our soon-to-be-rolled out Member Account Portal. That will be the single source of truth going forward. The printing company who made the error apologized and gave us a rebate for our trouble. Your information is secure!

    • Sean K Powers

      jfchuang1981 here too. I did get us to log on and check. Sneaky!

    • Paul W Knowles Jr.


      Your e-mail is listed for me !


      Who you ?

      Thanks, Paul

      Houston Region

    • pethier

      Sam ting.  Address on my card was also fchuang1981@gmail.com 

    • Andrew Steven Pedretti

      I got one today that was for someone in Asia today. email address it claimed to be was jfchuang1981@gmail.com which turns up nothing useful on google.