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    What about my 85 year old father

    So my father. Harold Knobel loves to autocross race design and just hang around racing in general...  He still wants to race.  But How can he compete.  He is a super competitive person.  I was trying to convince him to get a Honda civic type R.  So instead of modified he could ride in a car with ac to keep him cool..  Did I mention he is 85? 

    So he won't do it.. Why.... "I don't want to get embarrassed by some 20 year old in my class.  He wants to be able to compete.   And as his son... I want him to be able to enjoy it and be competitive...   So many sports have breakouts for age.  Why is there nothing in SCCA?  Why?  Ok so he could easily be top dog in an 80 and over division. But....  How about something like a handicap...  so many 10ths of a second depending on course length. Top times for in the class on the course  something.  Anything.  Please who can I call or talk to about this.  Please allow our older racers to compete.  He loves the sport.  He has championships under his belt.  We are driving to Lincoln Nebraska on Monday...  I wish he were in a civic type R competing in some sort or age or handicapped division.. How hard would that really be...  It could even be two groups.  The scratch drivers.   And the handicapped drivers...  Is this the most stupid idea of my life or does SCCA need to  open their eyes and realize that competitiveness does not wane with age.  I would love to see my father and other in a handicap division competing instead of on the sidelines...  Lets not wait forever to do this.. Harold is 85 after all and 86 this October.. If anyone wants to talk about this idea I would love to  I am Greg Knobel  850 559-9917.  or email me greg.knobel@gmail.com looking forward to seeing some sort of response on this.

    Thanks for your time.

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